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How to Choose the Best Winch for Side by Side?

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When you own a side by side (SxS) or utility task vehicle (UTV), you're likely to find yourself in situations where a winch can be a lifesaver. Whether you're off-roading in challenging terrain, working on your property, or exploring the great outdoors, a winch can help you recover from sticky situations and assist in various tasks. But with a wide range of winches on the market, how do you choose the best winch for side by side?

In this guide, we'll walk you through the key factors to consider when selecting the ideal winch for your side by side.

Determine Your Vehicle's Weight and Size

The first step in choosing the right winch for your side by side is to know your vehicle inside and out. Understand its weight, size, and any additional cargo you might typically carry. This information will help you determine the minimum winch capacity you need to safely recover your side by side when needed. Selecting a winch with the right capacity is crucial to avoid overloading it and ensure it can handle your vehicle's weight.

Consider Your Intended Use

Think about how you plan to use your side by side. Will you primarily be using it for recreational purposes like off-roading and trail riding, or do you also have work-related tasks in mind? The type of use will influence the winch's features and capabilities you need.

  • Recreational Use: If your SxS is mainly for fun and adventure, a winch with moderate capacity and basic features may suffice. Look for ease of use, quick line retrieval, and wireless remote controls for convenience during your outdoor escapades.

  • Work and Utility: If your SxS serves as a workhorse for hauling, towing, and other demanding tasks, a high-capacity winch with durability and reliability is essential. Consider options like steel cables for added strength and longevity.

Choosing The Right Winch Weight Capacity

If you intend to use your side by side for work or hunting, with the likelihood of carrying heavy loads such as tools, equipment, or game, it's essential to account for the added weight. When selecting a winch, opt for one whose capacity matches or slightly exceeds the combined weight of your side by side and the additional load you expect to tow. A recommended practice is to have a winch with a pulling capacity of at least 1.5 times your vehicle's weight. This not only provides a safety buffer but also ensures your winch can tackle unforeseen challenges with confidence.

Winch Type

Winches come in two main types: electric and hydraulic.

  • Electric Winches: Electric winches are the most common choice for side by side vehicles. They are relatively easy to install and operate. Look for a winch with a high-quality motor for reliability and fast line retrieval. Consider synthetic ropes for lightweight and safety features like automatic load-holding brakes.

  • Hydraulic Winches: Hydraulic winches are powerful and suitable for heavy-duty applications. They are commonly used on large UTVs designed for serious off-road work. Keep in mind that hydraulic winches require a hydraulic power source, which may necessitate additional components and complexity.

Choosing the right winch cable material

Another pivotal factor to weigh when selecting the ideal winch for your side by side is the type of winch cable that aligns with your riding style and the typical terrains you navigate. Winch cables come in various options, each with its own array of advantages and disadvantages, but the two most prevalent types are steel cable and synthetic rope.

  • Steel Cable: Steel cable is the prevalent choice for winch cables due to its robustness and durability. It is cost-effective and easy to replace if it sustains damage. However, steel cable is notably heavy and susceptible to rust over time. Furthermore, it can pose a hazard if it snaps or breaks under a load.

  • Synthetic Rope: Synthetic rope has gained popularity in recent years. It is crafted from materials such as nylon, Kevlar, or Dyneema. Synthetic ropes are lighter than steel cables, resistant to rust, and they float on water. Although they have a lower breaking strength compared to steel cable, they are safer if they break, as they do not exhibit the "whiplash" effect that steel cable can.

When selecting a winch cable, it's vital to take into account the winch's weight capacity and its intended usage. Steel cable is ideal for heavy-duty applications, while synthetic rope is better suited for lighter loads and offers enhanced safety in the event of a break. For most individuals, a synthetic winch cable is the right choice. However, if your riding style leans more toward rock crawling, you'll likely discover that a steel winch cable is the superior option for your needs.

Warranty and Brand Reputation

Opt for a winch from a reputable brand that offers a warranty on their products. A warranty provides peace of mind and can be a reflection of the manufacturer's confidence in their winch's quality and durability.

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Last but not least, consider your budget. Winches come in a range of price points. While it's essential to stay within your budget, remember that investing in the best winch for your side by side can be a wise decision for the long-term reliability and safety of your side by side.

In conclusion, choosing the best winch for side by side involves a combination of understanding your vehicle's specifications, assessing your intended use, and selecting the appropriate winch type, capacity, and line material. With the right winch, you can explore the great outdoors or tackle work tasks with confidence, knowing you have a reliable tool to assist you when the going gets tough.

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