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Top 10 UTV Winch Manufacturer In The World

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Top 10 UTV Winch Manufacturer In The World

This article will introduce the top ten UTV winch manufacturers. Some of them focus on the production of winches, while others have expanded their product range to other ATV/UTV equipment.

  • Viper (MotoAlliance)

  • SuperATV

  • Warn

  • Chima

  • QuadBoss

  • KFI

  • Superwinch


  • Mile Marker Industries


(listed in no specific order)

Viper (MotoAlliance)

UTV Winch Manufacturer

Viper, under MotoAlliance, mainly offers a variety of ATV/UTV winches. These winches are designed for all-purpose ATV/UTV winching, featuring waterproof ratings, metal gears, automatic brakes, and options for cables or synthetic rope.

The product range includes different models such as the Viper V2, Viper V2 Sport, and Midnight Recovery, among others, catering to various off-roading and utility needs

Winches produced by Viper range from 2500 lb to 6000 lb.


UTV Winch Manufacturer (1)

SuperATV mainly offers a wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories for UTVs and ATVs. Their product lineup includes: Winches with wireless remote and synthetic rope, Tires, Axles, Brake pads, Wheel spacers, Gear oil, Ball joints, Heavy-duty axles, Synthetic winch rope replacement, Wheel spacers for specific models, Lower door valances, Portal gear oil, Mud and all-terrain tires, Winch mounting plates.

SuperATV believes that Synthetic Rope has advantages over Steel Cable. Their synthetic rope winch of SuperATV range from 2500-12000 lb.


UTV Winch Manufacturer (2)

Warn Industries, founded in 1948 by Arthur Warn, has become a leading UTV winch manufacturer, renowned for its pioneering spirit and decades of off-road experience.

Their featured UTV winches are VR EVO 10-S WINCH (10000 lb), AXON 45-S POWERSPORT WINCH (500-4500 lb), 16.5TI HEAVYWEIGHT WINCH (2000-16500 lb).


UTV Winch Manufacturer (3)

Unlike some off-road equipment manufacturers that use winches as accessory products, Chima pursues winches as the focus of production. Chima mainly offers a variety of winches, including multi-functional winches, electric winches, hydraulic winches, winch with steel rope, winchs with synthetic rope and winch accessories.

The winches produced by Chima can be used not only for UTVs, but also for ATVs, SUVs, trucks, trailers, etc. Chima's winches are mainly electric winches, with a pulling force range of 1,500-20,000 lb.


UTV Winch Manufacturer (4)

QuadBoss was founded in 2001, offering a variety of UTV and ATV parts, including winches, axles, luggage, racks, and tires for various terrains, etc. QuadBoss can provide you with comprehensive ATV and UTV parts guidance.

QuadBoss' winch pull range is 2500-5000.


UTV Winch Manufacturer (5)

KFI mainly offers ATV and UTV winching products, including steel rope winches, polaris ATV plug-n-play winch kits, winch mounts, and winch-mount bumpers.

KFI provides 4500 lb and 5000 lb UTV winches with steel rope, as well as 2500-3500 lb ATV winches with steel rope.


UTV Winch Manufacturer (6)

Superwinch has been researching and producing automobile winches since 1970. Today, Superwinch mainly offers a broad range of electric winches for various uses, including towing and lifestyle adventures, as well as hydraulic winches designed for commercial and military applications. They can not only provide you with a variety of application options for your winch, but also provide corresponding equipment for your winch use, such as winch rope dampener, medium duty recovery kit.

The pull capacity of Superwinch's winch is 1,000 -12,500 + lbs. Superwinch's two main products, TERRA 4500SR WINCH and SX10SR WINCH, can provide 4500 lb and 10000 lb pulling forces respectively.


UTV Winch Manufacturer (7)

STEGODON is known for offering a range of winches and winch accessories, which are typically used for off-road vehicles, ATVs, and UTVs.

STEGODON produces 2500-13500 lbs electric winches with synthetic rope or steel rope.

Mile Marker Industries

UTV Winch Manufacturer (8)

Mile Marker Industries, with over thirty years of experience, is a trusted provider of high-quality hydraulic and electric winches, along with a range of off-road accessories. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization and TACOM approved supplier, Mile Marker is renowned for its durable products, including the patented hydraulic winch approved for the U.S. Military's HMMWV.

Mile Marker Industries produces winches with 1000-18000 lb capacity.


UTV Winch Manufacturer (9)

Kolpin is a trusted name in outdoor gear, providing reliable solutions for over 80 years. Specializing in UTV and ATV winches, their products offer the power and durability needed to tackle any terrain. With a commitment to quality and a deep understanding of the outdoors, Kolpin is the go-to choice for riders, hunters, ranchers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

KOLPIN produces 2500, 3500, 4500, 6000 UTV and ATV winches.

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